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Startup Spotlight: Interview with Alexis Wagner, Cofounder of BookandLink

Please, introduce yourself. When did you move to Bali, where do you live, etc…? My name is Alexis Wagner, co-founder of the Bali startup BookandLink: booking engine, channel manager and payment gateway. I am from Paris, France. I did my studies in visual communication and multimedia. At that time, the internet was just booming, freshly out from university with our degrees, we had many opportunities to choose between companies which wanted to hire us. I worked for an American startup company based in Paris. After a year, I decided to work freelance and I worked for Accor Hotel Web for at least a year before I decided to move to Asia 13 years ago. Today I live in Canggu-Berawa (Bali). It’s a great place to be. Still not as developed as the Seminyak area which makes us enjoy the lay dow...