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Coworking Indonesia – Coworking Unconference Asia (CUASIA) 2016

Explore the challenges and opportunities inherent to Indonesia’s fast-growing coworking and innovation scene. Whether you are already in, or keen to plug in, to the ecosystem of South East Asia’s biggest country, this one’s for you. Are you about to build a coworking space or already in the middle of it? Do you experience the excitement and the ups and downs in spreading coworking movement? Are you wondering how coworking can contribute to the development of the Indonesian economy? Kumpul Coworking Space invites you in collaboration with Hubud to attend the event Coworking Indonesia. We are bringing together the prime movers of the Indonesian and Asian coworking/innovation scene to discuss and share innovative ideas about growing a coworking business and the future of work in Indonesia. Th...

Hubud Members’ Skill Sharing: Cultivating The Mindset to Travel, Learn, and Earn

Why are so many people frustrated with their lives? Why in today’s world, where we have more communication tools at our fingertips than at any time in human history, are we more disconnected than we have ever been? What is it that keeps us from living the life that we want? Is it possible to flourish while living life on our own terms? This Skill Share session aims to stimulate vital questions about life; confront pertinent issues that stop us from excelling; tackle the modern struggle of how to find and experience meanings; discuss how to live life to its fullest, how to enjoy it, and how to learn from it. More details here