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How to extend you wifi in hotels for FREE?

The most effective method to extend your Wi-Fi connection in hotels for FREE! For some people hotels are a place of serenity where you can relax, meditate and have decent Wi-Fi access. But everything can be spoiled if you’ve reached the limit of internet connectionand must cash out another 20 bucks a day as it’s still the case in many hotels – Keep calm and breathe in, there is a way – …and I’m gonna give it to you. If you are a Mac user – Open Terminal and sort in “sudo ifconfig en1 lladdr 00:aa:bb:cc:dd:ee” – Hit Enter and type you password – Reconnect to the hotel Wi-Fi in order to be seen as a new device with a new free Wi-Fi period – Change the number separated by colons to anything somewhere around 00 and ff to m...

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