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Bali Startupers Meetup 3.0 MONEY!

All right guys, the date for BaliStartupers Meetup 3.0 MONEY! is set on May 13th, Friday. We have an awesome speaker coming all the way from Jakarta to spend the evening with us: David Soukhasing is the head of ANGIN (Angel Investment Network Indonesia), the largest Indonesian network of prominent angel investors providing business capital and expertise for tech and non-tech companies. TIENCE SUMARTINI (Business Angel – ANGIN) Tience Sumartini founded Bali International Flight Academy (BIFA) with several partners, veteran banker Robby Djohan among them. BIFA has become a reliable source for qualified pilots for major airline companies in Indonesia. In addition to taking care of BIFA, Tience Sumartini is also one of the most prominent business angel from ANGIN (Angel Investment Networ...

Startup Spotlight: Interview with Alexis Wagner, Cofounder of BookandLink

Please, introduce yourself. When did you move to Bali, where do you live, etc…? My name is Alexis Wagner, co-founder of the Bali startup BookandLink: booking engine, channel manager and payment gateway. I am from Paris, France. I did my studies in visual communication and multimedia. At that time, the internet was just booming, freshly out from university with our degrees, we had many opportunities to choose between companies which wanted to hire us. I worked for an American startup company based in Paris. After a year, I decided to work freelance and I worked for Accor Hotel Web for at least a year before I decided to move to Asia 13 years ago. Today I live in Canggu-Berawa (Bali). It’s a great place to be. Still not as developed as the Seminyak area which makes us enjoy the lay dow...

Hubud Members’ Skill Sharing: Cultivating The Mindset to Travel, Learn, and Earn

Why are so many people frustrated with their lives? Why in today’s world, where we have more communication tools at our fingertips than at any time in human history, are we more disconnected than we have ever been? What is it that keeps us from living the life that we want? Is it possible to flourish while living life on our own terms? This Skill Share session aims to stimulate vital questions about life; confront pertinent issues that stop us from excelling; tackle the modern struggle of how to find and experience meanings; discuss how to live life to its fullest, how to enjoy it, and how to learn from it. More details here 

Bali Startupers Meetup #1

Fellows, You are invited to join the first Meetup of Bali Startupers on Friday 5th, 2016 at BOW BALI Let’s all meet and enjoy some startup talks with (quite) a (few) drink(s)! Entrepreneurs, web designer, graphic designer, marketing geniuses, etc… you are all welcome! On our first meetup, a couple of great Bali Startupers will talk about their business, their goals, the challenges they faced, the growth hacks they used etc… Then we’ll party the night away 😉 – Entrance is free. – Drinks are on you (hey, it’s a bar! and Bow’s owner kindly accepted to knock off the government tax on the orders!) – For the hungry ones, Bow is a restaurant too and a very good one at that! To join the Bali Startupers group on Facebook it’s here ! Event ...

Digital Nomad in Bali

As the title suggests, this post is about being a digital nomad in Bali, and will become an expanding post on that subject. *** I was this close (imagine me gesturing a tiny space using my thumb and index finger) from working for “Google”. Why the quote marks? That’s me referring to the difference between being a Google’s employee and working as a part of independent contractor that work directly under Google’s supervision. Putting aside the difference, that’s the closest thing I–a non tech guy with only average command of design and sub-zero coding skills–from working with the search engine giant. This is a technicality that I was always eager to overlook every time I repeated the story to my friends. Most of them are even more non-techie th...

Why Startuping in Bali?

In recent years, Bali has gained some notoriety as being a perfect startup environment. Its comparatively lower living cost makes it ideal to bootstrap your startup and makes it lean. Talents are abundant. You can connect to coders, growth hackers, designers, copywriters or virtually anyone who can help you roll your startup just by being  a regular at any Facebook community group. The good folks at Bargainfox created a head-to-head comparison infographic between London and Bali. As far as startuping is concerned that may validate why the digital nomad choose Bali as their base.