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      Omri BEN-CANAAN

      The law just changed and I know it’s a headache now for company that uses foreign interns to get a visa for them. It’s our case and perhaps someone could explain here the exact process?

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      Timothée PLUCHET


      The purpose of this visa is to visit friends / relationships, social – cultural or educational exchange. With this visa you are not allowed to do business activities in Indonesia or to take up employment. Sponsorship is required by an Indonesian citizen, for instance in Bali.

      That’s what you need for your stay as an Intern. But I will also enumerate the other possibilities, might be usefull for some of you.

      In my case, it was such a pain in the … to get the Social Budaya in time so I decided to come to Bali as a tourist, and to go to Singapore within the 30 days of the “No Visa required” thing. I took an agent to make my Social Budaya there in only – one – day , when in France it would have taken like a week, I now have it and I have been in Bali for only two and a half weeks, so, chill out, everything will be fine if you’re planning to come over here in Bali for an Internship or planning to hire an Intern for your company.

      First, I will explain how I managed to get it more or less directly from here then how to get it from wherever you come from (I first started applying for the Social Budaya in France, but the law changed on December 7th, 2015, which have complicated the whole process and extended the obtention delay, yes unfortunately it can now take quite a long time to get it done abroad (new requierements = Telex 211, I will come back to this later in this post). So, try to anticipate the process whether you’re a company or an intern !

      At first, I arrived with pretty much nothing (with no Social Budaya yet) if this can reassure some of you guys !

      I’ll start with the whole thing concerning the Visas and go thru the differents possibilities.

      Depending on your passport, there are three ways to enter Indonesia:

      + 1. No Visa required (Find the countries eligible here)
      + 2. Visa on Arrival (Find the countries eligible here – Payment of visa fees can be made in US Dollar or Indonesian Rupiah IR, AUD$, or EUR, on arrival.
      + 3. Visa needed (apply abroad before arriving in Indonesia for some countries, find here the countries involved.)

      1. No Visa Required YOUR STAY CANNOT BE EXTENDED.
      How to go thru this ?
      In the immigration hall at the airport you will have to queue and obtain a stamp, because the length of stay is restricted to 30 days. But you do not need to pay anything nor queue at the Visa on Arrival counter for payment.

      After 30 days you will have to leave the country (which I did, I went to Singapore – closest place from Bali and cheapest tickets to fly there and get your Visa done – by an agent in just one day, I kinda called this “visa rush” since you can have it done really quickly, you fly there early in the morning and can be back in Bali in the evening.. if you plan to visit stay longer Singapore is a beautiful city !!!!)

      If you need or plan to stay longer in Bali (more than 30 DAYS but less than 60) then you should better get a visa on arrival that can be extended once only, or get a social visa (Social Budaya) already abroad (if you plan to stay more or less, about 180 DAYS) – or not – backup plan is still to go to Singapore if it takes too long with your embassy or whatever in your home country !!!
      The “No Visa Needed” will let you stay 30 days, I insist on this, don’t forget, the day of arrival and departure are included, you must be careful on these dates, the immigration here is quite strict, let’s even say really strict and they will charge you – a lot – any additional day you spend here without Visa.)

      2. Visa on Arrival YOUR STAY CAN BE EXTENDED ONCE + 30 DAYS.
      How to Obtain the “VISA on ARRIVAL” (VoA) ?
      Arriving travellers with Visa-on-Arrival status have to go first to one of the “VoA Counters” to pay the appropriate fee before proceeding to the Immigration Clearance Desk. To avoid long queues and problems at the counter it’s better to have the cash ready. After you land, make it quick to get to the payment counters, the queues can sometimes be quite long. And after paying, you will have to queue again for the immigration process (which can take up to 1hour if you are unlucky).

      “Counting” the days properly, how many days can I stay with a Visa on Arrival?

      The VoA is NOT VALID FOR ONE MONTH. Only 30 days.
      The day of arrival counts as day one.
      The day of departure also counts.

      At this step of the process you’re already in Bali, with or without the Social Budaya, it doesn’t matter, you’re getting closer to it anyway.


      How to obtain The Social Budaya ? Procedures and requirements:

      The social & culture visa (Visa Index 211) is a single entry visa that cannot be used for working but for all activities which have connection with government, tourism, social and culture, it is given sixty days.

      This Visa is suitable for:

      Cooperation between Indonesia and other country
      Social and family
      Between educational foundation
      Attending short term training
      Journalist that already has permit from the authority
      Non commercial movie production that already has permit from authority
      Conducting business conversation such as sale and purchase of goods and services as well as production or goods quality supervision
      Giving speech or joining non commercial seminar in term of culture, social, and government, after getting permit from the authorities
      Joining non commercial international exhibition
      Joining a meeting that is organized by the head office or its representative office in Indonesia

      Your Indonesian sponsor needs to supply:
      • Sponsorship letter of sponsor
      • Copy of sponsor identity card whose residence is in Indonesia – Bali (KTP)
      • Copy of sponsor family register
      • Copy of sponsor bank account statements
      Copy of immigration document with autorisation number “211” sent by the sponsor after he made himself the procedures. CAN TAKE UP to 2 WEEKS TO GET IT !!!
      => This document had me coming as a tourist… as explained above.

      You need to supply:
      • Copy of your passport
      • 2 passport sized photographs (4 x 6) – If made in Singapore the background color doesn’t matter. But it must be different in your home country embassy.

      Procedure for processing the Social Budaya:

      There are two ways of applying for this visa:

      If you apply for this visa at the Indonesian embassy in Singapore it is easy because you only need the sponsorship letter and your application is not processed through Jakarta. THE AGENT DOES EVERYTHING FOR YOU. I can give you the details of the agent I “used”. You will get 60 days “free” visit, monthly extendable in immigration to a total stay of 6 months.(Actually not so free, since you have to pay the Visa fees and the agent)

      If you apply for the Visa in your own country for exemple you’ll have to go by yourself and go back there to take the documents by yourself. This process can take up to 10 days before a decision is made and the visa is granted.

      Don’t hesitate to message me if you have any questions, or just comment below.

      For the french readers, I found an article well written and up to date (2016) with all the details for the different Visas, find it here

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      Omri BEN-CANAAN

      thanks for sharing all these infos Timothée

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      Hannes Borgwardt

      Hi everyone,
      is it possible to get a new visa without leaving the country?


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