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Video streaming as an essential marketing tool

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      Hannes Borgwardt

      Video-streaming platforms such as YouTube.com became very big in the last years and they shouldn’t be underestimated when promoting the own company. It is a very cheap way to reach a huge number of customers. But millions of videos get posted every month! That’s why I would like to share my opinion of successful online video marketing. Of course there are many different strategies but in the following I would like to mention the most important ones.

      Firstly companies can introduce themselves with videos, to show themselves and to convey their goals in an easily understandable way. One of the best ways to introduce a company is to create an introductory video, explaining what your company stands for, what you offer and how you differ from your competitors. In my opinion it is also very important to get the CEO in front of the camera who explains the Vision and Mission of the Company, to show the viewers that your company is down to earth.

      Secondly it is important to be aware of the different effects of the video length. Concerning marketing there is a huge difference between short videos (about 10-20 seconds) and long videos. Short videos are mostly shared on social platforms because the message is clear and the viewer doesn’t have to wait or think about the actual content of the video. On the other hand are longer videos useful to inform viewers and to keep viewers glued to the video.

      Thirdly there is the strategy to hide the advertisement for the own company. That means that the viewer shouldn’t get the feeling of watching advertisement. We all know from the television that ads are boring and if possible, they are skipped over. Of course it is important to have a clear message in the video, but to attract viewers the video should contain something unique such as epic music, unique scenery or to use new technology trends. One example for those trends could be the new 360° videos, which already get views because of the amazing feature to swing the camera by swinging the smartphone.

      Lastly but also very useful is the possibility to re-invention or re-introduction of product by transforming old content, into a new and exciting format. One example could be virtual video tours through properties which had been promoted with pictures in the past. In this case you don’t add something new but you change the way how the existing is presented. Potential customers will experience it as a new product.

      What do you think about using video streaming platforms to promote the own company and products? Do you have any other strategies in mind? Is there a vital error in my thoughts?

      Best regards Hannes

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