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The use of Whatsapp


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      Lately I’ve been wondering what the impact of Whatsapp will be within companies.

      Whatsapp reached a stunning 1 billion users (still growing) and it makes it hard to live without Whatsapp.
      This is not only for the private users, but also companies start using whatsapp as a
      communication or marketing tool. These early adopters have some great advantages, for example,
      the response time at questions is much, much faster.

      I’m curious of some people’s opinion. What do you think? Is Whatsapp going to be necessary in the
      near future for all companies?



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      Pramana Adi Putra

      I’ve tried Whatsapp 2 years ago and stop using it since my friends they didn’t use it, and they use Line or BBM.
      I do still have some questions such why do companies using whatsapp as a communication service or tool ?
      Because of its Security ? Well Telegram is famous for its security and encryption.
      Because of its response time ?
      Because of its famous after acquired by Facebook ?

      Let me know the Answers,



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      Omri BEN-CANAAN

      For the mac users, here is an amazing desktop whatsapp client that works like a charm: Supertab for Whatsapp Available on the Mac App Store for $0,99 (believe me it’s worth it)

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      Omri BEN-CANAAN

      @Pranama: didn’ t know FB acquired Telegram!

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      I don’t know all the answers to your questions Pramana, but I do think it’s
      indeed the response time. If you get a message on Whatsapp you can see this
      message right away on your screen and opening an e-mail takes one more act.

      And some customers may think they can talk less formal through Whatsapp and
      find this more pleasant. So far my points of view..



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      Hannes Borgwardt

      I think using messangers as marketing platforms could have negative effects because it is a tool to communicate and not to inform yourself.


Viewing 5 reply threads
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