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Mail in Bali

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    Hi Guys,

    I was wondering if there will be any mail delivered to Bali from Europe? Someone
    wants to send me some letters ( I know, old skool ) but will it be delivered if I give them
    the right address? And how fast/ slow will this go?

    Hoping for some answers 😉

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    Hannes Borgwardt

    Hi Bryan,
    I know that there is a DHL office opposite of BurgerKing on sunset road and a FedEx office on jl. by pass ngurah rai next to the airport.

    I would reccomend you to go there as they are international Companies. I have no experience with balinese services but DHL and FedEx are renowned worldwide 🙂

    Hope I could help you!

    Best regards

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    Thanks Hannes,

    I will check it out!

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    Hannes Borgwardt

    Hi Bryan,

    Which provider have you finally used?

    Would be happy about a service review!


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