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Instagram Update


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    Instagram just came with the perfect Wannebe-Facebook-Update.. (not)

    Instead of the chronological photo feed, Instagram decided to put the photo,
    they think you like the most, on top. Great right? Yes if you have thousands of followers.
    For the Startupers using Instagram it’s probably going to be hard to be seen on the Instagram top.
    For sure, the followers that are loyal to you, they will see the photo on top (positive!)

    Soooo let the new tactics come to life.
    What do you think? Instagram did good? Or really really a bad move?

    But just let’s stay positive, because someday, Every Startuper will be Insta-famous 🙂

    Source: http://www.teenvogue.com/story/instagram-feed-update

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    in other words, the more popular you are the more popular you’ll get.

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    And the next update is here!
    Instagram is going to extend the video length. The video length will be extended upto
    60 seconds. This is one of many updates that Instagram will put through.

    First want to be like Facebook and now Youtube?

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    Hannes Borgwardt

    Hi everyone,

    Do you like the new instagram design? Have there also been other changes in the last update or was it only for the design?


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