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Extending Your Visa in Bali

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    Dino Maiolo

    I wrote a blog post about a year ago on how to extend your tourist visa in Bali. I re-wrote it a few months ago and continue to make tweaks as I go through the process at kantor imigrasi. If you’re here on a 30 day visa and need a step-by-step guide on how to extend, I recommend you check it out. It’s too long to post here so take a look: http://balifloatingleaf.com/extend-visa-bali/

    Let me know if you have any comments or questions.

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    Hey Dino, thanks for sharing. Would you like us to post it in the blog section?

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      Maria Beketova

      Hi Dino,

      Which would be the best visa to get initially? The tourist visa in my country of residence or can it just be the one on arrival? Is it possible to extend the ‘visa on arrival’?

      Thanks a lot!

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      Dino Maiolo

      It depends which country you’re coming from, but likely you can just get your Visa on Arrival when you arrive in Bali. Even though some countries are visa free (US, much of Europe…), you still need to pay $35 for a visa when you arrive if you plan to extend. Visa free does not allow you to extend your stay since you literally do not have a visa to extend.

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    Dino Maiolo

    Sure, I can write a summary for the blog section if you want and just reference the original post. That might be better than duplicating the entire content from the original post.

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      Omri BEN-CANAAN

      Hey Dino, my apologies I didn’t see your reply. We already have an article about visas and business licences in the works now. Thanks anyway for sharing your knowledge about it. Cheeers

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    Hannes Borgwardt

    Is there any way to get a new Visa without leaving the country?


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      Dino Maiolo

      Not that I know of. I just got an extended visa that is good for 90 days. Had to leave the country for that. Perhaps some else has a better answer for you.

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    Does anyone know how to extend a social visa, without having to pay an agent ?
    Or does anyone have an agent to recommend me please (someone that would ask less than 700 000 IDR would be great) ?

    Thanks a lot.

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