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expat Wages ?

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    James Peters

    I may consider bringing on an expat in a couple of months to help with social media, Accounting and Admin.

    What would be the going rate for an expat here without out a Visa, Part-time and Full-time ?



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    Hey James, welcome to BaliStartupers!
    Employing an expat in Indonesia wihtout a visa is illegal and can be a bit risky for the employee as well as you.
    The price of the KITAS is around USD2000
    Salaries depend on the job he/she has to do obviously but I don’t know anyone making less than USD1500/month

    Now there is an alternative to that! You can use interns for free or almost.
    You need a PT or a PMA to be able to do that though.
    They would be on a Social visa. 2,2 millions Rp if you have an agent do it for you (recommended)
    Interns can’t officially be paid in Indonesia.

    Check out this topic on interns:

    Visa Interns

    Hope that helps

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    Hannes Borgwardt

    Thanks Omri,
    that will be very useful in the future 🙂

    best regards 🙂

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