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Bali Yoga & Relaxation Events

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    Angeline Chenu

    Hello everyone!

    Ok, I know I know, living and working in Bali is not that stressful (and that’s why we love it).

    But, if you feel like you need to reduce stress, the Balinese island is certainly one of the best places to be, right ?
    What would you do? Where would you go?

    I heard about the Bali Spirit Festival (Ubud, 29 March – 3 April). It seems to be great!

    Any other recommendations?

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    Hi Lily!

    Good to hear you are not stressed out here.

    Maybe you should even start earlier and try to visit the pre Bali Spirit Festival
    At least, that’s what the people call it. (Desa Seni, A Village Resort, 27 March)

    Just for a warm up 🙂

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    is there a post Bali Spirit Festival? 🙂

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    Hannes Borgwardt

    The ONEWORLD retreats in Ubud have a great offer from 1.5.2016-6.5.2016. A Life of Balance All-inclusive 6 days/5 nights retreat. The package includes practice yoga and meditation, 2 spa treatments, cooking class, a day of silence, sunrise yoga, bike ride, Agnihotra and Balinese rituals.

    It might be worth the visit.


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