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Any cool tips for a Newsletter?

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    Hi Guys,

    These days a digital newsletter is really important for companies. A good newsletter excites your
    target group, but the biggest challenge is what should we write as a subject line?

    According to a company called Invesp, the subject line of the e-mail, will make or break your
    campaign. The subject line is the first and only thing a reciever will see and 47% of the email
    recipients will open the email based on the subject line alone. Also, if you use the word “newsletter”
    in your subject line, the open rates will decrease by 19%.

    I used Invesp as a source and they have more tips & tricks like:

    – Emails without a subject line will be opened 8% more than with a subject line
    – a Subject line with 6-10 words is most likely te be opened
    – Open rates are higher if you use recipients name in the subject line
    – Subject lines with the word “Free” are opened 10% more than without
    – Subject lines with a sense of urgency and exclusivity will be opened more

    These are some helpful Tips, but I’m wondering if anyone has some more? Because
    like everyone, I want to create the perfect newsletter 🙂


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    Hannes Borgwardt

    Hi Bryan,
    I would keep the newsletter short. Not more then 3-4 scrolls.

    Furthermore I would check your customers preferences. What do they want to read, how often, etc. This could be achieved with a little survery.

    Best regards

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