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Corporate to Solo-Entrepreneur

June 15, 2017 @ 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm UTC+8

When you leave your office job to embrace a location independent and/or entrepreneur lifestyle, you discover a whole new world. Beyond the fairytales, there is the reality of this lifestyle… And its opportunities, if you learn to embrace its real magic! Come discover the bigger picture and how to maximise you productivity, your potential and your well being!

What People Will Learn:
-Understand the crazy dilema : everything you left, you will miss it
-See the bigger picture of your new lifestyle
-Get the “blank page” mindset
-Learn the basics tools to re-design the way you work
-Maximise your opportunities to thrive
-The real magic: it is not only about “how” or “where” you work, it is about the nature of what you’re doing

Entrepreneurs or location independent workers in general are not always making the best out of this lifestyle. Because of deep programming, fears, beliefs, comfort… There is nothing wrong with it. This talk is here to bring you food for thoughts and broaden your perspectives.
Because this lifestyle has a tremendous potential when you embrace all its aspects : it is not only about how or where you work. The real magic happen when you embrace the inspiration, stimulation, opportunities that the people around you will offer you if you open-up. When you learn to see yourself broader than your existing skills set.

About the speaker:
Helene is a happiness at work activist. She helps others to design and live a fulfilling and balanced work life, at different levels:
-Personal work empowerment and organization,
-Team or company organization and culture
-Individual and collective exploration of new ways of working
After her engineer studies and 11 years working in the corporate world (UN organisation, real estate and urban development), she realised the hard way she was not living a life aligned with herself. She burned out, because she was forcing herself in jobs, tasks, environment and work rhythms that were not good for her.
She decided to bring together all her professional and personal knowledge to help people understand how to design a life that brings the best for and out of them, and she also helps teams and organisations in creating a healthy and empowering work environment.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/exploringhappy/
Website: http://www.helene-schmit.com

#### Event Registration Instructions ####
This event is for free and open to public. Limited to 50 place. If you want to join this event, please register at the Dojo Front Desk or send us an email to rsvp@dojobali.org


June 15, 2017
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Dojo Bali


Dojo Bali
Jalan Batu Meja, Canggu
Bali, 80361 Indonesia

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