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Bitcoin 101 Workshop in English

September 11, 2016 @ 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm UTC+8

Money is changing. Are you ready?
A new global monetary system is taking shape that promises to democratize the language of value we call money. Bitcoin rose out of the ashes of the global financial crisis in 2008 as a repudiation of the existing banking and financial power structures. It suggested a new way; a better way; a more transparent and fair way. The world is taking notice.

Discover the simplicity that makes banking obsolete
The world of money is changing. Just like publishing, telecommunications, music, and advertising before it, banking is being disrupted by technology. Bitcoin dis-intermediates the modern banking edifice and allows people to trade directly with one another. No longer do we need bricks & mortar and employees and government regulations to exchange value. Bitcoin replaces these old and expensive mechanisms and democratizes global finance for the whole world. For the first time in human history anyone on earth can pay anyone else on earth with absolutely no third party involvement and little or zero fees.

Understand the coming Bitcoin prosperity
The invention of Bitcoin is an idea whose time has come. Bitcoin relies on thousands of computers around the world voluntarily participating in the Bitcoin network. Together they create an unimpeachable public ledger based on math not men. It is fair, transparent, and automated which makes it very cheap and easy to use. It is programmable money with no need for banks, or employees, or governments or printing presses. This means that the entire planet can participate. Anyone can trade their work, their art, their human energy with anyone else without having to ask permission. This will bring a new age of prosperity for human kind where every task will find its most efficient delivery mechanism, unencumbered by borders or exchange rates.

Get your first Bitcoin
In just three hours, YOU WILL OWN BITCOIN. You will understand the philosophy. You will understand the technology. You will know how it works; able to safely send, receive, and store BITCOIN.

Get Involved with Bitcoin 101
BITCOIN 101 is FREE. Put knowledge in your head and Bitcoin in your wallet.

Registration in advance is required. Please register at http://bitcoinsinbali.org/
IDR 200,000 is required in advance (this will be reimbursed in Bitcoin)

Class Prerequisites
– A laptop
– A smartphone (Android or Iphone)
– A pen and a notebook


September 11, 2016
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Hubud: Ubud coworking community space
+62 361978073


Hubud: Ubud coworking community space
Jalan Monkey Forest #88
Ubud, 80571 Indonesia

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