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Women in Tech: The One and Only Hedy Lamarr

I knew about the other side of Hedy Lamarr, just minutes after I found out that Bali Startupers’ very own Andrea Loubier was going to exhibit Mailbird in Tech in Asia’s Singapore conference along with other female startup founders (aka Women in Tech) This is a part of the tech media’s effort to pay homage to women in science and tech in response to the International Women’s Day. I was looking for a story, in my effort to echo that spirit, when I stumbled upon a book written about the Hollywood star: Hedy’s Folly. The Life and Breakthrough Inventions of Hedy Lamarr, the Most Beautiful Woman in the World. Scrounging for everything I could find on her, it turned out that our “introduction” had taken place years before, in form of a rerun of Samson and...

Pandorahub x Bali Startup Weekend

Pandorahub and Startup Weekend Bali: Social Innovation are merging programs by holding weekly free demo sessions for the whole month. What is it for? Discover how to boost your business using Human Centered Design, Lean Startup and Pentagrowth.  First thing in that list is how to design business solutions based on people needs with Pandorahub’s founder Diana Moret. What will I get? Get to know basic tricks to design your next disruptive product based on your audience’s real needs. The demos will be free demonstrations on the methods tackled during the X-Cultural Startup Acceleration Camp in Bali (June 27-July 2nd) aka the bootcamp mentioned below. All curious souls out there can join the first demo tomorrow (June 26th) remotely from elsewhere by tuned it to the following Facebo...

Don’t miss Pandorahub: Rural Revival Movement

One thing Pandorahub does is connecting. It connects people with places and let them rewire and re-mold themselves for the better according to the inspiration they get from those places. The initiative  allows startupers (under the name of Pandorahub Fun! Startup) and also career shifters, its target audience, to spend times in rural areas, join its well-crafted activities and interact with fellow attendees. In turn, the whole experience could lead to the process of rediscovering themselves, as a better human or as a newborn startupers or a better content marketer. That’s a really cool concept if you ask me. People have spent so much resources to get just that. More often than not to no avail.  And by that, I mean a mild to fully mind blowing experience that encourage people to alter...

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