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How to extend you wifi in hotels for FREE?

The most effective method to extend your Wi-Fi connection in hotels for FREE! For some people hotels are a place of serenity where you can relax, meditate and have decent Wi-Fi access. But everything can be spoiled if you’ve reached the limit of internet connectionand must cash out another 20 bucks a day as it’s still the case in many hotels – Keep calm and breathe in, there is a...[Read More]

Get financed: Talented startups wanted by the French Tech Ticket

What?! Live in France and get money? Have you ever dreamt of living in France? Picture this: what if you could live in France with the Government financing the launching of your new startup? This is exactly the goal of the French Tech Ticket, a startup booster program from  La French tech, the french startup network. It is designed for entrepreneurs from all over the world who want to create their...[Read More]