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Women in Tech: The One and Only Hedy Lamarr

I knew about the other side of Hedy Lamarr, just minutes after I found out that Bali Startupers’ very own Andrea Loubier was going to exhibit Mailbird in Tech in Asia’s Singapore conference along with other female startup founders (aka Women in Tech) This is a part of the tech media’s effort to pay homage to women in science and tech in response to the International Women’s...[Read More]

P2P Lending in Asia after LendingClub’s Debacle

Renaud Laplanche knew what he was doing as the founder and CEO to LendingClub (est. 2007), the largest by volume peer-to-peer lending platform in the US. He took LendingClub through the biggest IPO in 2014 for US Tech  and, that way, kick-started online lending trend and public interest on lending-related fintech. He resigned earlier this month, forced by his board of concerned directors and stake...[Read More]

X-Cultural Startup Acceleration Bali

X-Cultural Startup Acceleration Bali is an acceleration program hosted by Pandorahub, Hubud and Five Pillars. The week-long acceleration program will kick in on June 27th and run till July 2nd…and yes, only a few seats remaining. The event will be a resourceful bootcamp attended by a score of founders, such as 1. Bernardus Sumartok Founder & CEO Tripvisto, a market place matching travell...[Read More]

Pandorahub x Bali Startup Weekend

Pandorahub and Startup Weekend Bali: Social Innovation are merging programs by holding weekly free demo sessions for the whole month. What is it for? Discover how to boost your business using Human Centered Design, Lean Startup and Pentagrowth.  First thing in that list is how to design business solutions based on people needs with Pandorahub’s founder Diana Moret. What will I get? Get to kn...[Read More]

Growth Hacking Bootcamp to Kickstart Your Startup

Growth hackers rejoice! Growth Hacking Bootcamp is back in Jakarta! This is one bootcamp that will turn you into one badass growth hacker if you ever want to be one. And we have a very good news!  All Bali Startupers members are granted a very special discount for the event…Continue reading this article to get the promotional code The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doingR...[Read More]

Don’t miss Pandorahub: Rural Revival Movement

One thing Pandorahub does is connecting. It connects people with places and let them rewire and re-mold themselves for the better according to the inspiration they get from those places. The initiative  allows startupers (under the name of Pandorahub Fun! Startup) and also career shifters, its target audience, to spend times in rural areas, join its well-crafted activities and interact with fellow...[Read More]

Startup Spotlight: Interview With Tobias Strebitzer, CTO of MagLoft

Please, introduce yourself. When did you move to Bali, where do you live, etc…? My Name is Tobias Strebitzer, Cofounder and CTO of the Bali startup MagLoft Digital Publishing Solutions.I wrote my first ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Software at the age of 6 years in Basic, keeping track of allowances that my family members owed me. Back then I discovered the strong synergy between busine...[Read More]

The Future of Startup World

What lies ahead for future startups? This post isn’t about me guessing what the next trend in the startup world will be. Nope. If I knew anything about that, even the slightest, I wouldn’t be sitting here and just write about it…I’d go out there and make it happen. So, this is just me thinking that it’s about time to ask such a question. These past few years we’...[Read More]

Digital Nomad in Bali

As the title suggests, this post is about being a digital nomad in Bali, and will become an expanding post on that subject. *** I was this close (imagine me gesturing a tiny space using my thumb and index finger) from working for “Google”. Why the quote marks? That’s me referring to the difference between being a Google’s employee and working as a part of independent contra...[Read More]

Why Startuping in Bali?

In recent years, Bali has gained some notoriety as being a perfect startup environment. Its comparatively lower living cost makes it ideal to bootstrap your startup and makes it lean. Talents are abundant. You can connect to coders, growth hackers, designers, copywriters or virtually anyone who can help you roll your startup just by being  a regular at any Facebook community group. The good folks ...[Read More]