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How to extend you wifi in hotels for FREE?


The most effective method to extend your Wi-Fi connection in hotels for FREE!

For some people hotels are a place of serenity where you can relax, meditate and have decent Wi-Fi access. But everything can be spoiled if you’ve reached the limit of internet connectionand must cash out another 20 bucks a day as it’s still the case in many hotels

– Keep calm and breathe in, there is a way –

…and I’m gonna give it to you.

If you are a Mac user

– Open Terminal and sort in “sudo ifconfig en1 lladdr 00:aa:bb:cc:dd:ee”

– Hit Enter and type you password

– Reconnect to the hotel Wi-Fi in order to be seen as a new device with a new free Wi-Fi period

– Change the number separated by colons to anything somewhere around 00 and ff to make new “identities” on the hotel Wi-Fi system

The best is that you can repeat the procedure as much as you want. Free Wi-Fi is yours

If you are a Windows user with a network card allowing it

– Open the Network and Sharing Center

– Right click “Change adapter settings”

– Right click on your Wi-Fi card and click on “Properties”

– Click on “Configure” and head to “Advanced”

– Scroll down to “Locally Administered Address”, select “Value” and make up twelve random numbers from 0 to f (e.g. 028f14op2b0e)

How does all of this actually work?

At the beginning the Operating System (OS) is loading your Media Access Control (MAC) address from your Wi-Fi card with the interface “en1” on Macintosh or “en0” for Ethernet. I then stores this in memory (RAM). Up to this point, as long as the computer is on it is possible to change the value dynamically. As soon as it is of, it will take you back to your old MAC address.

On a Macintosh/Unix, you can check your MAC address (before and after) in Terminal by typingsudo ifconfig en1 |grep ether”.

Easy as pie!

Has anyone tried this? Share your experience with us…


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