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X-Cultural Startup Acceleration Bali

X-Cultural Startup Acceleration Bali

X-Cultural Startup Acceleration Bali is an acceleration program hosted by Pandorahub, Hubud and Five Pillars. The week-long acceleration program will kick in on June 27th and run till July 2nd…and yes, only a few seats remaining.

The event will be a resourceful bootcamp attended by a score of founders, such as

1. Bernardus Sumartok Founder & CEO Tripvisto, a market place matching travellers with local guides in Asia.
2. Astrid Baldissera , Legal hacker, CEO & Founder at Starting Legal, a platform for automatizing legal contracts for startups.
3. Alexander Tsuk CEO & Founder at Cimborazo, a selection of the most sustainable luxury hotels worldwide.

I counted at least six more founders of various startups will attend.

“The camp is for you if you have reach or nearly reach break event and want to grow exponentially; if you want to prepare/validate an imminent launch of a brand new product or service or if you are a new startups about to launch the first MVP with a clear business model and with some previous experiments done,” said Diana Moret, Pandorahub’s CEO

“If you are tired of looking for private investment. Exhausted of dealing with people that doesn’t care about your ‘why’ but about their ‘how faster and how much I will get,’ Well, here you are, skip the VC from keeping control of your startup,” she concluded.

If you’re a founder and all or either one in the following resonate with what you want, then the X-Cultural Startup Acceleration Bali is something you need to attend.

  1. Start building from what you have or what is already out there. Validate ideas and minimize risks.

  2. Prepare your business to grow exponentially without private investment.

  3. Break free from that VC! Put some order into the bootstrapping chaos.

The idea of the bootcamp is to become a channel where founders, locals and international alike, can aspire for further achievements related to growth, profitability or strategic. It can even aspire them further for something  I believe all startups are willing to die for, namely a sustainable, profitable growth.

So, if you’re a startup founder and you’re eager to take your business to the next level, and doing it in a beautiful place like Bali, this one is for you.

Pandorahub is working together with Bali Startup Weekend: Social Innovation to give you a demo on some methods the bootcamp will tackle, namely Human-Centered Design, Lean Startup and Pentagrowth.

Startup Weekend Bali and Pandorahub

Startup Weekend Bali and Pandorahub

The demo, which will be held tonight 7pm at Hubud, is aimed at entry level founders to get to know the basic tricks to design your next disruptive business based on your audience’s real needs; to discover how to learn faster, identify their motivations and become one of them (your audience). It’ll also show you how to build from real market value from the very beginning.

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