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Growth Hacking Bootcamp to Kickstart Your Startup

Growth Hacking Bootcamp Jakarta

Growth hackers rejoice! Growth Hacking Bootcamp is back in Jakarta!

This is one bootcamp that will turn you into one badass growth hacker if you ever want to be one.

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The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing–Walt Disney

Because there’s no other way, my young Padawan… the road to growth-hacking badassery is as strenuous as that of a Jedi wannabe.

No. You won’t find Grand Master Yoda here. However, you’ll be guided by the right mentors and trainers, each with their own skill sets, expertise and valuable experience at your disposal…or sort of.

Their methods rely on the hands-on approach, which means they’ll pound all those knowledge to your head with a hammer. The only difference with other approaches is that, in this approach, your hand is the one holding the hammer.

hands on approach

This is how a hands-on approach looks like

That way, all of this growth hacking juice stays there longer, locked up in your self, ready to be unleashed at whatever projects you’re working on for clients or for your very own startup.

What is Growth Hacking Bootcamp?

It’s a three weeks long program held by Growth Hacking Asia in several cities across Asia.

Growth Hacking Asia are a team of passionate entrepreneurs that possess extensive experience in startup marketing and growth hacking. Our goal is to disrupt and reshape the Asian startup ecosystem by equipping Asian entrepreneurs with the skills necessary to grow into regional and global success stories.

The goal of this bootcamp is to guide attendees in the creation of their personal sustainable “Growth Engine” during which attendees will learn how to apply an experimentation based process to optimize each stage of the lean marketing funnel, from acquisition to revenue. Or…to put it in short, all real skills necessary to grow their startup into a success story.

Trainers and mentors of Growth Hacking Bootcamp are well-known individuals who have (pick either one) build/work for/collaborate with startups such as  Lazada, Jualo, Fabelio, Bridestory, Traveloka and many more!

That being said, to be able to learn directly from them, plum-plucking all those accumulated wisdom so that you can incorporate them in your own idea is a reward on its own. So, clear your schedule between April 25-May 13, 2016 and get ready for a serious horizon widening experience (as far as growth hacking is concerned).

Done! I Read it. Now Where’s that Promotional Code?

Enter BALIROCKS when you register for the event here: Growth Hacking Bootcamp

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