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Don’t miss Pandorahub: Rural Revival Movement

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One thing Pandorahub does is connecting. It connects people with places and let them rewire and re-mold themselves for the better according to the inspiration they get from those places.

The initiative  allows startupers (under the name of Pandorahub Fun! Startup) and also career shifters, its target audience, to spend times in rural areas, join its well-crafted activities and interact with fellow attendees. In turn, the whole experience could lead to the process of rediscovering themselves, as a better human or as a newborn startupers or a better content marketer.

Solanell, Pandorahub

Solanell, where Pandorahub’s rural revival movement takes place

That’s a really cool concept if you ask me. People have spent so much resources to get just that. More often than not to no avail.  And by that, I mean a mild to fully mind blowing experience that encourage people to alter the course of their life. You know, nothing short of their personal Eureka moment.  They’re willing to travel half-way around the world just to get a nibble (Eat, Pray, Love, anyone?) on that experience, and Pandorahub was specifically established to enable you to get just that?

It sounds so perfect it can’t be real.

But it’s real.

The following quote is an insight from a former participant:

Since I’ve opened the Pandorahub’s box, I’ve radically changed my way of facing business challenges, seeking solutions and shaping business ideas.–François Justet, co-founder at SlowMov

Pandorahub, which is founded by its current CEO, Diana Moret, has hosted no less than 4 programs and 20 courses spread in rural areas in Spain, where it is based, during its first year.

…And now they’re coming to Bali!

It’s a week full of  empowerment for any startupers out here in Bali, a collaboration between Pandorahub, Hubud co-working space and Wirausaha.

This acceleration program aims to become a cross cultural event between local and expat founders and international mentors.

Cross Cultural Bali Bootcamp Pandorahub

Do I need to say more? Go to their website, find out more about the program (June 26th – July 2nd, 2016) and try to secure a spot!

Check it out:

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