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Bali Startupers meetup 2.0 at Les Buku (photos/videos)


Guys, that was an awesome meetup where a large chunk of the Bali startup community met and enjoyed an evening of tech talk (and quite a few drinks!) at Les Buku.
A big thanks to Chandra Himawan from Hotel Link solutions and Brett Merrill from No-Location who were our speakers.
We counted 160+ attendees which was far beyond our expectations.

A lot was learnt from that second meetup and we are very excited to be part of this adventure with you guys. Organising now the next one in April. Suggestions of themes and venues are welcome of course.

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Videos from the meetup

Short version video

Long version video

Our speakers

Chandra Himawan
(Hotel Link Solutions)

Brett Merrill
(No Location)

Meetup Photos


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