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Rate Me Tender: How your e-reputation will increase your conversion rate.

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Nowadays customers do not hesitate to give reviews on the internet. Sometimes, they even take the time to send an e-mail when they are not satisfied with their purchase. According to some recent surveys, almost 9 out of 10 customers will first check reviews on internet before purchasing. As a result, every company should carefully work on its e-reputation.


What is worse than bad reviews?

Be aware that most of your potential customers will check reviews online before purchasing. Thus, a bad e-reputation will probably reduce your turnover. In fact, a lot of companies went belly up because of it.

Surprisingly, bad reviews can become positive to your business.
First, it makes you more human. Let’s be honest, no one is perfect and a 100% good review score could actually make people suspicious. Then, reviews are a great way for you to get feedbacks and help you spot your defective features, which ables you then to improve your offer.
Last but not least, bad reviews are a great opportunity for you to show your amazing customer services. By answering to the negative reviews, you can show your concern about customer satisfaction.

There is something worse than a negative reputation: it’s the “zero reputation”. No review at all on your product or service will give the consumers the feeling that you just opened… or that your business does not work very well.


Displaying customer satisfaction score will increase your conversation rate.

Exploiting consumer’s reviews should be one of the main points in your web-marketing strategy. Indeed, once you have collected reviews, it is important to communicate and show them off on all your communication channels, starting with your website.

It has been proven by A/B test that displaying reviews on your website landing page will reduce the bounce rate, increase the basket rate and most of all increase the conversion rate. This can easily be explained: by displaying other people’s opinion, you are reassuring your users and proving your reliability.


Trustpilot: leading the review industry.

Good news. Trustpilot, an online platform that help customers find reliable website offers now a 100% free formula. In a nutshell, Trustpilot collected and published more than 15 million reviews for more than 120 000 websites in 65 countries. The gathered reviews are displayed as stars directly in search engines, which is great for SEO and SEA.

There are a lot of review sites out there. Here are a few:


The more the better.

A high number of reviews will create a more accurate feedback on your product or service. Do not hesitate to ask your clients to post a (honest!) review. According to a Trustpilot’ survey 83% of the purchaser asked for a review will give a positive one.

Which review website has worked for you so far?

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