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Growth Hacking : 4 tactics to take advantage of Twitter

twitter growth hacking

Growth hacking is defined as the “use of unconventional tactics to acquire more customers faster.” Here you will learn how to utilize Twitter effortlessly in order to reach a large number of people.

Beware, the problem with these techniques is that, once it’s widespread, they come out of the growth hacks category (of the “unconventional tactics”) and become spams ! In each technique, you will find some useful tips to avoid being categorized as spam. It’s up to you to make good use of it.

Hijack the traffic when sharing on Twitter

Every time you share a link to an article on social networks, you are able to add a discrete bar that will redirect the traffic to your own website when it’s clicked.
There are several services that can help with this technique: , TrafficJacker , …

A few tips :

  • This must be discreet (but visible: use a colourful call-to-action button )
  • You must leave the possibility of closing the bar for the original link to the article.

Boost your number of Twitter followers with lists

This technique comes from a simple observation: Every time you add someone to a list on Twitter, he/she will get notified and will tend to do one of the following actions: click on the list and read the description, subscribe to the list, subscribe to your account, and possibly visit your site …

There is a tool that allows you to add targeted mass people to lists : TacticsCloud

A few tips :

  • Do not add people to the lists to which they do not want to be part of;
  • Do not add a person to more than one list
  • If your list contains over 5000 accounts, export it in .csv to cut into parts on Excel
  • Once the list is exported to Twitter, change the default description
  • Avoid the overly aggressive adverts in the description of the list. Prefer a true description followed by a link (unclickable unfortunately).

You should make it looks as natural and manual as possible. This technique starts to become widespread and loses its effectiveness.

Boost your Twitter followers by self-favoriting

Somewhat in the same vein with the previous Growth Hack Tricks, it aims to exploit the fact that when you add someone’s tweet in your favorite, not only will he/she receives a notification, but also e-mail Twitter.
Tools like TwitFox or TargetPattern let you automatically add tweets with some keywords in favourites.

Unfortunately, this technique begins to be relatively overused, particularly in the Growth Hacking sphere (Try to post a tweet with the term “Growth hacking” to see it by yourself …)

Multiply by 4 the number of visits to your Tweets

When sharing links on Twitter, there will only be a small percentage of your followers who will see it. Guy Kawasaki used this technique, and demonstrated that the number of clicks slightly decreases on re-shared links. The solution is to post each Tweet 4 times every 6 hours. Tools such as Hootsuite or Buffer can become very helpful for that.

There are many other techniques to get traffic on Twitter, for example programming automatic welcome through Direct Messages. Some, such as adding-removing followers, has been considered as a crossing over to the dark side and as such, have been banned by Twitter.

Therefore, it’s up to you to use intelligently these 4 techniques and not to ruin the Twitter user experience.

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